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Winery "Villa Terres"

The crucial role of wine and its use in the life of ancient Thrace can be judged not only by artifacts - written characters , but also by many drinking vessels found in archaeological excavations in the Thracian Plain . One of the most impressive findings was exposed at the excavations of the mound " saint ." A golden mask - phial with a human face. Phial weighs about 700 g and it depicts a man of commanding appearance with closed eyes in a moment of supreme pleasure. Maybe it was the king who once drank wine, acquired divine power and from an ordinary man became a god. The mask of Terres I was discovered.


Villa Terres

  • Wine tourism +

    Tasting tour in Villa Teres and other wineries. Shop
  • Hotel and Restaurant +

    Cozy atmosphere and traditional cuisine
  • SPA +

    Pool, sauna, steam bath, fitness
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    For individual use by hotel guests
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    Outdoor pool, pool bar, children's playground.
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